Our work for ‘Valbona Speaks Out’ online campaign

We are proud to continue helping activists in different countries to run campaigns trying focused on different social issues that we, as a society, face everyday. It's not news anymore: technology is the best tool you can use today, if you want your voice to be heard and this is what we did once again when we worked onValbona Speaks Out’ online campaign, presenting the complex issues surrounding hydro-power development in Valbona Valley National Park, in Albanian Alps in Northern Albania.

Some context: everything started in 2016 when locals discovered that three companies have concessions to build up to 14 “small” hydro-power plants along 30 km of the Valbona River. Since then, a growing number of local people, with TOKA — a local non-governmental organization, and supported by activists and artists both Albanian and international, have been fighting together to stop the project. Construction of the first small HPP started in 2014, with two more plants beginning construction in September 2016.

How did we help?

This campaign presents the complex issues surrounding hydro-power development in Valbona Valley National Park. By presenting information in a question-and-answer format, Po Flet Valbona creates an atmosphere of discussion, moving from simple concepts to more complex questions. The ‘Po Flet Valbona’ materials have been produced by TOKA [The Organization to Conserve the Albanian Alps] as part of a project ‘Për Valbonën, Për Shqipërinë’.


We wanted to give our contribution related to this issue and helped out by building the website for the campaign. Our goal was to built an easily accessible website, user friendly, bilingual [in Albanian and English] and most important we wanted people to be able to contribute to this effort. This is the reasons why the website is hosted in GitHub, using GitHub Pages and released the code and content under an open license.


Do you want to join the campaign? Check the Call for Action on the website

Us — the Collective68 members — will always stand for the causes we support. We are a collective of people who have been working with technology for a long time, and we want this experience and work to also have an impact on our society, we want to use technology to build a better world for all of us. This is why we will always be there and support activists, groups or individuals who are fighting for their ideals and believes, and are risking a lot just to see a little difference the next day. Do not hesitate to reach us out, if you have any issue or thought you want to share with us.

You are invited to check the code of the website on GitHub, and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

Cover image: Gisinb on Wikimedia Commons (edited) / CC BY-SA 4.0 License.

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