Sharing stories of women in the media industry using FLOSS and Creative Commons content

We are happy to announce our involvement with a project a little bit different than usual. In collaboration with Social Contract Institute, we worked on the production of a series of podcasts for the project "Në të njëjtin zë" (Under the same voice).

This series of podcasts consists on women and couples working on the media field in Albania who share their experience from a social and professional perspective. They describe their daily challenges, what motivates them, how they have made it so far in their career and how they were able to keep a healthy family and professional life. These podcasts are also heavily focused on the current gender balance issues in Albania and worldwide. By sharing their personal experiences, the journalists and media professionals who were part of this project, share some success stories of people who were able to built a successful career for themselves while also supporting their partners to advance in their career as well.

Suela and Romir, Fjodora, Evis and Nolian, Anila and Vangjel, Anisa and Mentor, Fjona and Sokol, Juli, Brikena, Erilda and Masion, Neraida and Koloreto, and Arjola, all share their personal stories, and the many difficulties they faced, including gender gap issues, misrepresentation in decision-making posts, long working hours and more.

This production was an initiative of Social Contract Institute, and we were happy to support them during the recording process, editing and production of these podcast series. For various weeks in a row, we welcomed all the pod-casters and collaborators of this project at our office, and through many intensive hours we went through recording, editing, getting feedback, adding music background, until we made it to successfully complete this project. The process was quite fun, with a DIY recording setup and we actually learned a lot from everyone involved.

Moments from the recording sessions.

Using Open Source tools for editing

Being users for open source tools for a long time came handy in this process, because what software could be better then Audacity for audio editing? :)
Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder and we highly recommended it. It includes great features, and makes your audio-editing experience quite easy.

Audacity editor interface

Using Creative Commons licenses

We also advised our partners on the licensing of their productions and everything was published under a Creative Commons license. Sharing knowledge and creativity empowers others to build upon it, and everyone is free to use, edit and remix these materials if they have a better idea on how to put them in use. Furthermore, we used music published under a permissive license for the editing process. This podcast production is now online and at the time of writing this blog post the material is also being used by radio stations based in Tirana.

Thank you!

A warm thank you goes to Olda, Brikena, Elona and all the nice people that were featured on the podcast episodes during the recording sessions. Also, many thanks to Jora for the photo sessions. It was of great pleasure to do something a bit different then usual, though we still were there talking about the importance of using open source tools (all roads lead to Rome) and the importance of copy left licenses.

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