Our partnership with Coko Foundation makes total sense!

This autumn has been a very exciting one for our Collective. We have launched Cloud68, our office got bigger and we are working on some projects that are 100% in our area of interest. One of these interesting projects we are generously excited to work on started with an email of a good friend of ours introducing us to Adam who was searching for potential open source folks to join his project. We had a call and since we found out he was in the region we kindly asked him to visit Tirana. This was the second time Adam was visiting our city after presenting at OSCAL almost two years ago. After a warm visit at the local hackerspace we had a very productive discussion on a potential collaboration between Coko Foundation and Collective68.

But, before we get to that, let us go briefly through the amazing work Coko is doing. Previously known as the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation, Coko’s mission is to evolve how knowledge is created, produced and reported. The foundation is building open source solutions in scholarly knowledge production that foster collaboration, integrity and speed. Coko envisions a new research communication ecosystem that gives rise to wholly unique channels for research output. One of the most well known toolkits of the foundation is PubSweet - a free, open source framework for building state-of-the-art publishing platforms. This framework enables users to easily build a publishing platform tailored to their own needs. Here you can find a long list of publishing platforms built with PubSweet.

And one of these publishing platforms build with PubSweet is Editoria, the community-led Open Source Books Production platform, the development of which Coko is looking forward to continue further in the near future. And here is where the connection with Collective68 comes in again.

Through this collaboration we will support and facilitate the further development of Editoria and (soon) of other (open) publishing platforms as well. Already, two members of the team, Sidorela and Danjela will be working on the further development of this project and on adding new features, while other members will be on board soon.

Danjela has quite some experience on web development. As she has been a frequent user of open source technologies for a long time, now she is thrilled to be starting her journey as a contributor and developer of an open source project. Sidorela on the other hand is a long-time contributor in various open source and open knowledge projects. She is an active member of the local OpenStreetMap community in Albania and has been contributing in different capacities in other projects such as LibreOffice and Wikimedia. She will support the development efforts of the Editoria project on a junior JavaScript developer capacity.

Along with the Sidorela and Danjela, the whole Collective68 team will engage in promoting the use of such open source solutions in book publishing and facilitate the process of promoting them at a local level. Collective68 will engage new contributors who might be willing to join the Editoria community or any of the other projects powered by Coko.

As the first step of our collaboration we organized the Editoria Developers Meetup in Tirana this weekend with Christos Kokosias and Giannis Kopanas from the Coko team flying from Athens to facilitate the event. Saturday we 'invaded' Open Labs hackerspace (many thanks) to have an introductory session on the Coko Mission, technologies followed up by a detailed presentation of Editoria and other technology stack used by Coko development teams located in different parts of the world. Many thanks to the students and JavaScript developers that joined the event - happy to also see some of the participants join mattermost.coko.foundation.

Moments from Editoria Developers Meetup in Tirana

On Sunday, we choose to gather at Innospace Tirana (many many thanks for the hospitality!) for a long hands-on session where Christos and Giannis answered all the technical questions we had and also followed up the discussion from the Saturday session.

Moments from Sunday working session

Overall, meeting with our new friends form Athens really helped our team have a better understanding of all the tech stack Coko is developing and most important it was quite the ideal way to jump start our partnership.

What we love the most about this collaboration is the product itself - open source, supporting open standards and bringing a whole new philosophy in book publishing. We find it hard to explain how much we want to see such products grow and how excited we are about this development. Through this collaboration we will also support the further outreach of the Coko products in the local scene, but not limited to that. And we also love the idea of collaborating with people who are working in in our area of interest and who share the same ethics and values as we do.

We ride on the wave of free software, and having friends and partners on board makes the journey even more beautiful. Actually, it makes sense and makes the whole process organic!

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