Collective68 at FOSDEM 2019

As there is a growing number of events dedicated to Free Libre Open Source Software, FOSDEM in one of those you don't want to miss out, especially as a company fully dedicated to providing FLOSS solutions.

FOSDEM is a two-day event organised by volunteers to promote the widespread use of free and open source software. Taking place in the beautiful city of Brussels (Belgium), FOSDEM is widely recognised as the best such conference in Europe. —

As a contributor, at FOSDEM you get to experience two extensive days where you can check out various open source projects, old and new, as you can also get in touch with the amazing people behind these projects. You can hang out at the various info-booths, talks or just meet free software friends at the campus cafeteria and chat.

As a company, it is great for sharing the news on what you are working on, you can closely talk to potential collaborators, share thoughts and get ideas. FOSDEM 2019 was our first year there as a company and we were happy to arrange very productive meetings which resulted in more consolidated partnerships, on which we will update you in our upcoming blog posts.

Some personal experiences

Boris, our sysadmin ninja, had his first presentation on FOSDEM, and oh boy was he nervous before the happening. Can't blame him as the topic was not an easy one. More specifically he shared his thoughts on the webXR and how it goes beyond demos and games. He also raised the question on XR just being a trend. And of course he asked the same question with all the good guys at X-Files: is there more to it than just a trend? We were quite surprised, to be honest! Didn't know our fella was onto these things.

Our teammate Redon, involved with business development, had various meetings with our current partners, upcoming ones, and people we are collaborating with. He was also helping out at the OpenSUSE booth, so you probably met him while getting your beer there. We have already done our first steps in developing a partnership with openSUSE and SUSE and meeting the openSUSE team and contributors at the booth were quite productive in this direction.  

In a very crowded place, with talks and workshops rooms where you had to wait for an hour in the queue to get in, we managed to check out some great talks we were interested in, and also attend various community meetups. Honestly, it brings us joy to see how open source culture, community and business environment is growing everyday, while also identifying the challenges ahead. As a company which provides only FLOSS solutions, it's important to be updated with the latest news on this market in order to provide the best solutions to customers, and we are dedicated to doing so. Thank you for the beers and see you in the next edition!

Cover image: Geertivp on Wikimedia Commons (edited) / CC BY-SA 4.0 License.

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